Membership FAQ'S

What does Membership/Ownership of the Co+op mean?

Ownership means you’re entitled to an equitable vote in a democratically-run business. The Mustard Seed works to achieve the objectives of its members, including sourcing local and wholesome foods for owner households and our broader community.

What are the benefits of membership/ownership?

While anyone can shop at the Co+op, only owners will receive:

  • 2% owner savings on all items (given in the form of co+op credits, stored on your account to be used whenever you’d like)*

  • Additional weekly sales items for owners only*

  • Access to owner bulk ordering privileges and discounts*

  • Discounts at co+op workshops & events*

  • Voting rights in Board of Director elections (one vote per owner-household)

  • Opportunity to be involved in the leadership and structure of your store

  • Access to our Facebook member-only online forum

* denotes ‘active’ member benefits only

What are an members’ responsibilities?

  • Stay informed about  the business by reading regular Co+op emails

  • Participate through voting, completing surveys, and providing informal feedback on Co+op issues

  • Purchase a $100* ownership, providing capital for Co+op operations

Who can join The Mustard Seed?

Membership is open to any person over 16 years of age, as well as incorporated entities.

How much does it cost?

A $100 share is your household’s initial investment in the Co+op, and membership. In subsequent years, “active” membership renewal for a household is is $50 annually. There is also the option of paying for your membership in installments, see below. (edited August 2019)

Does a membership need to be renewed every year?

No, your membership doesn’t need to be renewed.  It is a one time initial payment of $100.  However, in subsequent years after your initial membership investment, “active” membership renewal for a household is $50 annually in order to maintain the additional benefits of membership including 2% Co+op credits, member-only sales, bulk discounts, and reduced workshop pricing. To read more about membership renewal, click here. (edited August 2019)

How do I sign up to become a Member?

Come visit us at the store (460 York Blvd.) to fill out an membership form and pay your $100 fee. You will then get your very own membership card and passport. You can also fill out the Membership Form ahead of time, and email it to to have it processed online and payment done over the phone.

How do you define a “household” for membership purposes?

A household is anyone sharing a dwelling. If you live alone, you are a household. If you live with your family, or partner, or you share a home with a group of friends, you are a household according to the Co+op. Our ownership forms and cards record primary and secondary contacts for ownership.

Two or more people in a household may jointly hold a ownership, but they count as one person for voting purposes. Individuals within a household may purchase separate memberships.

Is there a way to become a member on a payment plan, rather than with $100 up front?

When a one-time payment is not feasible, membership may be made through a payment plan. An initial minimum payment of $25 is required; the amount remaining will be added to your Co+op Credits account as a negative balance. This may be paid up at any time, including through Co+op Credits received on each grocery purchase. All benefits of membership are extended except for voting rights: all members must be paid up and in good standing to vote on Co+op business matters.

The Board of Directors has final authority over accepting all memberships, including those on payment plans. (added April 2017)

What should I do if my contact info changes?

You can email us with your new contact info.

Do I get an membership card?

Yes, owners will get a permanent scan card that you will get during your first visit to the Co+op after joining.


Can I transfer my membership to someone else?

Yes, our policy has now changed and memberships may be transferable, subject to board approval. If you would like to transfer your membership to someone else (due to a move, etc.), please email the board with your request and contact info for the person you would like to transfer to. (added April 2017)

Am I able to withdraw my membership if I move or change my mind?

With written notice, your membership can be voluntarily terminated. Please bring your owner card and written notice of your request to the store at 460 York Blvd. Ownership fees are one-time and non-refundable. Upon termination of ownership, all rights and interests in The Mustard Seed Co-operative Grocery shall cease.


Will I be able to volunteer at The Mustard Seed?

There are lots opportunities to volunteer – read more here.

Is the Co+op too good to be true?

It’s true!  You can effect change in our food system, own your own grocery store, and build your community all at once.

Additional Details

The liability of an owner is limited in accordance with the Co-operative Corporations Act in Ontario.

Still have questions? Email us.