• Pre-order anytime Thursday through Sunday (deadline at 9:00 pm) for pick-up the following Thursday through Sunday in the store.

Local Bounty Box

A weekly selection of seasonal goodness.

The Local Bounty Box is a great way to get the freshest seasonal produce for your household each week. They’re filled with a variety of fresh produce, with a particular focus on enjoying the best of what’s available from our region in each season.

How it works:

  • The Local Bounty Box prioritizes local produce. As availability, prices, and quality constantly fluctuate, at times we round out the contents with imported organic or fair trade certified produce.

  • Pre-order anytime Thursday through Sunday (deadline at 9:00 pm) for pick-up the following Thursday through Sunday in the store.

  • Standing weekly add-ons include:

  • ​Dempster’s Whole Wheat Bread

  • De La Terre Niagara Sourdough

  • Large Eggs (1 dozen)

TIP: Sign up to our Local Bounty Box e-list and we will let you know every Wednesday what to expect in the next box. Email: localbountybox@gmail.com

Ready to order? Let’s get started:

Step 1: Make sure your order falls in the pre-order window (one week in advance) and that you can pick up your order during the date range listed below.


Pre-order Window: Thursday, August 5th through to Sunday, August 8th (until 9:00 pm)


Pick-up Window: Thursday, Aug 12th through to Sunday, August 15th (by 5:00 pm) 


Step 2: Place your order

  1. In-store

  2. Online single order (see below)

  3. Weekly or bi-weekly subscriptions (see below)

Please click the links below, and you’ll be directed to PayPal. With this prepayment system, you guarantee that your box is ready for you on the designated pick-up date, and it allows us to pack just the right number of boxes each week.

This week’s contents:

  • Local Peaches (1LB) (Pie in the Sky: Hamilton, ONT)

  • Local Swiss Chard Bunch (Backyard Harvest: Hamilton, ONT)

  • Local Herb Bunch (Backyard Harvest: Hamilton, ONT)

  • Local Eggplant (Branching Path, Simcoe, ONT)

  • Local Carrot Bag (Nomadic Greens: Dundas, ONT)

  • Local Onions (Good Harvest: Binbrook, ONT)

  • Local NON-GMO corn on the cob (4) (Richardson’s Farm and Market: Dunnville, ONT) 

Local Bounty Box:

Weekly Subscriptions:

Bi-Weekly Subscriptions


  • We do not email you to confirm orders, your PayPal confirmation is just perfect!

  • Please come to the store (Thursday-Sunday) and text our co+op cell phone at (905)-961-2659 when you have parked in our parking with the name the order was placed under in the text  lot. We will put your Local Bounty Box on our curbside table.

  • REFUND POLICY: The Local Bounty Box program uses a one week pre-order system which means you have a week to arrange pick-up for your Local Bounty Box order. The pick-up window is 4 days (Thursday through Sunday), therefore refunds will NOT be given after the last day of your order pick-up window (Sunday).

  • Substitutions will ONLY be made in the case of FOOD ALLERGY or DIETARY RESTRICTION

Share the love! If you’re on Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter, feel free to use the hashtag #localbountybox to show us how you’re using your produce items! With all the variety you’ll receive in these boxes, the options are truly endless, and sharing what you create can inspire others with new and exciting ways to incorporate local food into their daily meals!